Make Pi-hole worked anytime on ubuntu when i turn it off


I installed pihole on ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and i installed it and it worked even on other devices via dhcp (dns server:, however every time i shut down the pc i installed it, the pihole no longer work, must turn on the pc with pihole it worked
plz help me make it work anytime


You need to install Pi-hole on a device which will stay on 24/7. If Pi-hole is turned off, then you can not resolve domains.


Does Raspberry Pi stay on 24/7 ?
Can you suggest me some device ?


It stays on as long as you let it stay on. Any linux computer (which includes the Raspbery Pis) will work as long as it runs a supported distribution:


Can u integrate pihole into router(modem), :((
i don’t have any device stays on long time