Make AdminLTE directory configurable



Currently the scripts will try to install AdminLTE in /var/www/html/admin. While it is possible to move these files to a different place, the update scripts will try to update /var/www/html/admin and there is no way to specify this directory in setupVars.conf. Since all scripts already implement this string as a constant at the top of the file, loading it as a value from setupVars.conf should be easy.

Background: /var/www/html is currently used by an apache2 server, whose ports are forwarded. But since my pihole server shouldnt be available from this port, I need to configure that directory.

Goal: Add a variable to setupVars.conf for the root directory of AdminLTE. Change install and update scripts to load that variable from setupVars.conf.


This seems to be a duplicate of Add config option to move web admin location