Lost password


I´m totally newbie in linux a pi-hole.
I´ve successfully installed pi-hole on my Synology NAS with this great tutorial: How do I install Pi-hole on a Synology NAS?.

But I didn´t catch any password after installation and I´m not able to change it now…

I tried sudo pihole -a -p , but I can see just sudo: pihole: command not found.

Could you help me to change or disable password for web admin?



Did you run that command in the chroot environment? If so, run pihole -d for a debug token. You can manually remove the password by changing the variable WEBPASSWORD in /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf to equal nothing, i.e.



That does not seem like a “succesful” install.


After installing Pi-hole for the first time, a password is generated and displayed to the user. The password cannot be retrieved later on, but it is possible to set a new password (or explicitly disable the password by setting an empty password) using the command

sudo pihole -a -p passw0rd-example

thy this :wink:

its an opensource software
you have to take you’r time


Synology NAS’ are not a “supported” platform, but the users in that thread you linked to have managed to get it working. If the pihole command is completely missing, your installation is borked. If possible, I would try starting over from scratch.


Thanks for all responses. I removed password from setupVars.conf and it works.

Now I try to setup this scirpt for autostart after reboot , but ftl didn´t boot. But If I type manually chroot /volume1/@appstore/debian-chroot/var/chroottarget service pihole-FTL start, it starts OK.