Local DNS set from UI only works periodically

Expected Behaviour:

Inside the latest Docker image, I should be able to set a custom DNS A record in the UI and have it resolve to the set IP address for every single query for that domain.

Actual Behaviour:

In a random pattern, I can see in the query log that sometimes mydomain.com will resolve to my and other times, mydomain.com will resolve to a quad9 record.

Debug Token:


Can you post a screencap of what you are seeing, or a copy of the logs that is showing the situation?

Hi there! Yes, here ya go - the record is kaworu.lclh.st

That's the point. Your forwarded queries are of type HTTPS and not A

Is there a way to forward all types of a request to a certain domain to a specific IP? When I edit a .list file it gets deleted on rebooting my docker container so i wanted to do this via the web UI

I'm not sure how to handle those things in docker, but on bare metal you can add a file in /etc/dnsmasq.d/ and specify a particular domain and to which server it should be forwarded.

See the -S, --local, --server= sectin here


and here for an example

Show your docker run or your docker-compose.yml with the volume mounts that you are using for data persistence.

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