Local DNS configuration problem

Hello everyone,

i'm trying to setup pihole as local dns.

I set the primary dns on my fritzbox with the ip of the pi hole and as secondary. Content blocking works fine

Then I went to the local dns section and configured hub.lan to point to a working ip address. When I try to use http://hub.lan the browser returns me

I checked with ipconfig /all the dns used by the pc and it is correct.

Don't do that.
The word "secondary" is not the best choice for DNS and is misleading. The idea of "redundancy" doesn't apply in this case.

If you have 2 DNS servers configured on the router, both will be used concurrently. Some queries will use the "primary" and some others will use the "secondary".

The problem is: when a device uses the secondary DNS server, it will bypass Pi-hole.

I have set both primary and secondary DNS to pi Hole but the error does not change.


Do you see the same error if you try to use a different browser or a different device?

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