Let domain display ads



some pages I tend to visit block ad-blockers. I want to allow them to display everything. Is there a chance to allow one webpage to be looked up via a different DNS without blocking? So I wouldn’t have to add 25 adresses to the whitelist.


can’t you use wildcards?



Since the DNS service only knows that it has a request from x client for y domain, it can not act a certain way when you visit a certain website. Also, with how we currently store and compile domains, wildcards do not work.


Maybe this could be something to look at implementing as I’ve already seen advertising sites use variants (such as px.moatads.com and z.moatads.com) that they could easily use more ‘random’.moatads.com to circumvent ad blockers.


You can already blacklist domains and all their subdomains (wildcard blacklisting).