Late Night Linux podcast reviews of pi-hole

I am not the only human being on Earth that finds the groups + adlist subscription a bit confusimg. Proof:

A) It took me longer to find any info about groups and adlists or decipher how that might be interpreted as an issue than it took to read the Pihole documentation on how to properly use groups and adlists.

B) Devs provide this tool at no charge and work on it in their free time. Adjust expectations accordingly.

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We just made the group management pages more prominent within our documentation. They got an entry right in the main nav section.

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I wanted to share an outside opinion, not just my own, to open up the devs mind about how others approach these features.

I'm not a doc reader, but I enjoy learning new things by reading--just not computer related things, and putting together equipment. I like to figure it out on my own (and cause myself undue aggravation) because I wrongly believe that it will be faster just to try it and see, or trial and error, instead of reading the instructions first. But that's just me. Clearly, this whole system is a magnitude easier just following the docs.

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