Kodi no longer working after pihole install


I have Kodi running on a separate Pi to my pihole.

After installing Pihole ive lost pretty much all functionality within Kodi.

If I disable pihole Kodi works.

By works, I mean watching, streaming, installing addons etc

Is there a known working whitelist for example?


I haven’t seen a Kodi specific list of domains to whitelist, but hopefully another user will be able to help you out with that. We can take a look at the debug log if you’d like just to check and see if everything is functional. That’s done from pihole -d and follow the on screen prompts.



its all functioning OK i think.

I will just manually set the DNS of the Pi with kodi to google or some other one


You can debug the problem if you feel like it with this FAQ:

or you could keep an eye on our community-run whitelist to see if it pops up on there.

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