Just sharing my blocklist



This list blocks; ATS, EMD, EXP, GRM, PSH, MMT, HJK, HFS, PUP, FSA, EXP, PSH

This list should not block; porn/warez/torrent/facebook/twitter/snapchat etc

Let me try and explain how I manage the blocklist;

Step 1: Download all hosts-files, zone-files, dnsmasq-lists, and whatever I could find on the internet. (ATTOW 1883 lists, some duplicates from different sources) (This happens once every 24 hours)

Step 2: If a downloaded list contains a domain listed here: https://dbl.oisd.nl/skipifcontains.txt , then DON’T use that list. (indeed a fairly rigorous approach)

Step 2b: Generate a list that contains “Warez, Porn and Torrent” and exclude these domains from the lists that failed in the previous step… then retry the previous step with the new list. (Some lists are still great inclusions after this step.)

Step 3: Combine all lists that passed previous check.

Step 4: Whitelist domains (using https://dbl.oisd.nl/whitelist.txt (my own, this includes the “skipifcontains-list”) and https://dbl.oisd.nl/whitelist2.txt (This is a combinated list of anudeepND’s whitelist, and a handfull other whitelists I could find. (That made sense to me at that time)

Step 5: Make sure all the domains are listed as leading-“www.” and non-leading-“www” (Hope this makes any sense).

Step 6: Do a dns lookup on each domain (using google DNS), if it fails, remove the domain from the list.

I try my best to carefully choose if a reported falsely listed domain should be put on the “skipifcontains”-list, or the whitelist.

Please let me know if you find any false positives.

DNS check done: 27th of November 2018