Just sharing my blocklist; dbl.oisd.nl

I am using NXDOMAIN removing now live and having to still testing specific things. I had to adapted a lot to make it ‘user proof’ and is also near future proof for Pihole.

I am everytime impressed how fast, huge lists are checked or edited when using linux tools. And this on a RaspberryPI.

I was only checking for NXDOMAIN and I going to add SERVFAIL so that is also becovered.

Edited :smiley:
Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/ookangzheng/dbl-oisd-nl

I dont have gitlab account though you can host it ur self on gitlab and run a cron script to update every 24 hours ~~ :sunglasses:

I added Gitlab repo, Enjoy :sunglasses:

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Nice hosts list! i use the gitlab!

Can you add this hosts list to:

The first is already included.
The second is not. Too many false positives.

Nice! and i found another good list (blocking the android tracks):

Not included because of it’s facebook entries.
Offtopic… You sure you wanna do this? Come up with 1 or 2 (new) lists you’ve found every time?

I have tried pihole for the first time with this host and there is something weird. I see "www.googletagservices.com Blocked (gravity)", but other side i see that this isn’t be blocked:
"www.googletagmanager.com OK (forwarded)"

I need to know why? Why dont you block this two google-trackers?

Thank you for pointing that out to me!
I seemed to be including a whitelist that had that entry in it.
Stopped including that whitelist.

Fixed. Please update gravity. :wink:

You need to block "www.google-analytics.com" to and maybe also "imasdk.googleapis.com"

They were whitelisted for a reason, but that seemed off.
Fixed, thanks :wink:

maybe you need to control the whitelist?

Stopped including the whitelists that had those entries in them.

Since this thread is now being used for support requests for this blocklist, I’ll close it to new comments with the OP’s concurrence.

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