Just asking as it is to do with DNS I think

So, PiHole allows me to blacklist a site for ALL devices on the network.
Ok, not exactly what I need, but I believe I have seen that I can/could run a second instance of PiHole to allow that kind of thing happening.

But putting that aside:

So, back to the DNS part.

I make a list of sites and PiHole when it sees them, returns 0,0,0,0 as the IP address.
Fair enough.

But DNS..... It translates a NAME to an IP number.
I was just wondering if a generic thing could be done where I can enter a name and have it sent to a different (poisoned?) IP address?

So - for example:
blah.net -->

So then if anyone tries to go to blah.net they get sent to

Just asking.

Have fun: http://pi.hole/admin/dns_records.php

But you have to let go of your acorn...though.

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