Ive been having problems with dnsmaq

Expected Behaviour:

pihole to not throw any errors and run smoothly

Actual Behaviour:

dnsmasq reaches maximum current dns queries (150) and when it throws this error the network slows down almost to a halt (like loading webpages).. this doesnt happen 24/7 though its just every now and then

Debug Token:


Your debug log doesn't show errors.
Pi-hole seems to be working as expected.

This message is generated when there are too many DNS queries at the same time.
Usually this is caused by a DNS loop, but in your case looks like one or more devices were doing massive amounts of DNS queries and then stopped.

Since this is a transient problem, there are no clues in the uploaded log.
You could try to generate a debug log when it happens again.

Your count of UNKNOWN replies is a bit on the high side.
That may suggest that one of Pi-hole's upstream servers may not have replied in time, or not at all.
Your debug log also shows that your Pi-hole is using unbound as upstream.
Does unbound log any errors during your observed outages?

Likely unrelated, but your debug logs shows you have added URLs as groups:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Groups
   id    enabled  name                                                date_added           date_modified        description                                       
   ----  -------  --------------------------------------------------  -------------------  -------------------  --------------------------------------------------
   0           1  Default                                             2023-03-20 20:01:03  2023-03-20 20:01:03  The default group                                 
   1           1  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d3ward/toolz/mas  2023-04-09 23:38:34  2023-04-09 23:38:34                                                    
   2           1  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PolishFiltersTea  2023-04-09 23:40:22  2023-04-09 23:40:22                                                    

Those look like blocklist URLs - you probably want to add them to your Adlists?

I found it, it was a domain literally called www.goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooole.com

I searched it up and apparently it's something to do with Samsung from a particular app or from Android in general I'm not sure, the people that blocked it on the forum I found said they had no issues with anything after doing so

So my guess is it's just some bloatware that only works if the request is sent through so then it would just spam the request

What I'm guessing anyway because now that I've put it on my blacklist I've not been getting any maximum DNS queries reached errors at all

Whatever made your issue seemingly disappear, I doubt that blocking that domain to have had an impact. Pi-hole is on the receiving end, i.e. a client decides what DNS requests it sends, and how often it will do that.

On the contrary: Blocking a domain in Pi-hole may prompt a client to continue its DNS requests more often, as it may stubbornly try to access the blocked domain repeatedly, and it may do so more often due to the lower TTL of blocked domains.

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