Issue with DNSMasq


I had a OpenVPN NAT bridge setup on this device before trying to install pi-hole. DNSMasq seems to be having issues booting back up. I am guessing it's from this setup before hand. I want to ideally not disrubt my original setup. I turned off the VPN though when installing pi-hole. Sometimes I have the VPN on, and sometimes I don't have it on.

My debug token is t4706h1wj0


You're running Jessie and dnsmasq v2.72, which is not compatible with Pi-hole v3.3. You have two options:


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Thanks for the detailed response. I opted for the second option and now have the admin panel looks like it finished installation but I'm not sure it's working still. My router required 2 DNS servers so I put the Pi as the first one and google as the second.

Is there some way I can verify that it is working?


I see traffic going through pihole -t but nothing is on the graphs still, is there something I need to do to fix this?

I did not have log-queries=extra in my .conf file but just had log-queries

Thanks again

Never mind, I missed the last line of your instructions. All good now.

Thanks for your help.

This is not working. There is nothing special about "primary" and "secondary". Clients can use whichever they like. You have to set both to the Pi-hole or use the Pi-hole DHCP server.

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