Issue with DHCP

I have previously used my router's DHCP server but I am moving this to Pi-hole.

I have disabled the DHCP server on my router and enabled Pi-hole.

The DHCP server works fine.

However, when I add static config for my pi, I get the following error:
FTL failed to start due to duplicate dhcp-host IP address at line 3 of /etc/dnsmasq.d/04-pihole-static-dhcp.conf.

This is the only static config set up.

I thought maybe it was because the old .57 is through my old router, so a restart of the pi, but same issue.

Note: I have removed it from the config when running the above debug as FTL won't work with it. But let me know if you need one with it in.

The issue is that this host is defined in /etc/dnsmasq.d/04-pihole-static-dhcp.conf and pihole.toml. Which leads to the doubling.
Pi-hole should have taken care of this during th transition. Did you manually restore 04-pihole-static-dhcp.conf?

As a workaround, transfer all the settings from 04-pihole-static-dhcp.conf to Pi-hole and remove the file from /etc/dnsmasq.d

In any case, this should be fixed by Migrate dnsmasq config files by DL6ER · Pull Request #5479 · pi-hole/pi-hole · GitHub in the future.

P.s. It's basically the same issue as FTL failed to start due to duplicate CNAME at line 1 of /etc/dnsmasq.d/05-pihole-custom-cname.conf

I have seen two Tricorder logs by now that showed /etc/dnsmasq.d/*-pihole-.conf files with ownership such (e.g. root:root) that FTL can read (= migrate) the files but then not remove them after migration -> a duplicate is created.

The PR linked by @yubiuser is indeed the best fix.


can also fix the symptoms even if the actual cause is fixed by

combined with

The changes have been merged into development-v6.

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