Is this normal

When I first installed pihole, the log appeared to work correctly.
However, it seems as though something has changed, as the query log is inundated with PTR records, sometimes exceeding 10 per second.

With that said, the query log is not very helpful as domain transactions will get buried several pages in, and at a very rapid pace.

Anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to stop it?

PS. I’m using pihole as a DHCP server


To your pihole-FTL.conf

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Please provide some examples of the PTR requests from /var/log/pihole.log . Then we can help you determine why it is happening.

Also, send us the token after you upload a debug log.

Note that having FTL analyze only A and AAAA entries does not stop the requests on the network. They will continue to be made but won’t be reported in Pi-Hole.

Thanks Tntdruid, that worked like a charm.
With that said, I could see such a feature being useful; in the Query log page - “filter by protocol”

With that said, I’ll check the logs when I get back this evening in hopes of finding the culprit behind these requests - though I’m leaning toward glasswire firewall

This feature exists. If you click on the PTR listed on a line in the query log, Pi-Hole will show you a filtered output containing only PTR requests.

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