Is it possible to have all 3 features to be turned on simutaneously


I have setup Pi-Hole on a ODROID X4s box local to my Network. After successful setup of pi-hole, I want to now add more features to make my DNS requests even more Private and Secure.

My question: Is it possible to do all the items listed below. If yes, has anyone done it. Is there a guide that describes all the steps. Do you see conflicts possible ?

1.) Dual operation of pi-hole to block : LAN + VPN at the same time for remote block
2.) DNS-over-HTTPS (make remote DNS requests private when combined with option 1)
3.) All-around DNS (recursive DNS)

There are individual guides for setting up each functionality. I don’t have the expertise to analyze/understand if setting up all 3 on a single box would work.


These two options are similar but different, and there is no advantage running them both. I would research them both, and then choose the one that you feel best meets your privacy and security needs.