Is it my router or my Pihole setup? Unable to DHCP through Pi-Hole

Hello everyone, I’m trying to narrow down two issues, but this is mainly about whether or not its my PiHole setup or my router that is having an issue regarding DHCP setup. Up until last Tuesday, everyone was okay then it dropped the ball and went nuts. I have an ASUS RT-ACRH13 router that I’ve had since October '18 that has been amazing so far, even made my ping in games better and made everything go really easy when I originally set up my Rpi Zero W for my DHCP and main DNS server. My other is a Rpi 3B+ set up as the secondary DNS just in case. Now, like I said, everything has been going real well until about last Tuesday then it started acting up. I live on a relatively small property that has another house behind with two older gentlemen that use my wifi in exchange for $15 a month. They have done this for over two years without issue. They were the first to report that there was an issue and that their devices couldn’t connect properly…then it was my smart-bulbs and smart-switches which caused lights to be on and fans to be on at times when they weren’t supposed to. Finally it was my own PS4 and PC that couldn’t connect to the internet. It would connect to the network, but not the internet. At first I thought it was something going on with the Zero W so I reflashed it to a backup image I had made previously and it didn’t fix it as it was saying no DHCP leases active. I went into the router settings, AS SEEN HERE, and turned on the setting to connect to the DNS automatically. This did not fix the issue so I set it back. Then I went into the DHCP settings, AS SEEN HERE, and switched the DHCP server back on. This fixed it but the ASUS interface is…lackluster at best and it prevented me from seeing which device was getting blocked most and such so I could figure out a better solution. I want to set it back to the Zero W that I had it to originally for about 4 months without issue but I don’t know if its the router or the Pi-Hole setups. If I change the DHCP on the router to off and enter my Zero W for the DHCP, the internet effectively dies for everyone using it. What am I doing wrong?

Debug Token:

3B+ Token:!
Zero W Token:!

You propably cant use the Asus DHCP service if want to have proper statistics shown on the Pi-hole dashboard + proper DNS name resolution blocking IP’s domains from the blocklists consistently.
See threads below:

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