IPv6 Group/Client Via DNS Name

Problem with Beta 5.0:

I have a client that requires special blocking rules. The problem is that it's an android device using IPv6 which means no DHCPv6, privacy extensions, and zero control over what it's doing. I can configure a client easily for the ipv4 address but it ends up using ipv6 and going around my custom rules and since the privacy address is changing I can't manually configure a rule for it. I do, however, have DNS names for the privacy addresses (I'm not 100% sure how because I thought that dnsmasq ra-names didnt work for privacy addresses but I can see them all in the client list with the right names).

Is there any way to configure special handling for this client, or of not can I request that clients be optionally configured to any connection that is using a particular DNS name?

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Defining clients by hostname is possible in this experimental branch: