I’m going to install Pi-Hole on another Pi, I wanted to do a backup not especially of everything, so I just have to recover /etc/pihole/adlists.list and transfer it to the new Pi-Hole installation?

Also, it is said that it is disadvised to use the bash script from curl, so I get the code of the page: And I make it executable and run it?


Use the teleporter function (Admin GUI > Settings > Teleporter). This will export the following files from your existing installation, and you can later import them into your new installation.


If you prefer not to use the piping to bash script, you have other options as discussed here.


Thanks, because I have the new Pi that has a different address from Pi-Hole, so by teleporting it will change me and put the same IP?
After I did not really need the configuration it was mostly the lists


This will not affect the assigned IP of the new installation.

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