Installation location for a roaming, web-serving laptop


User story: I work at various public WiFi locations during the day. I want to install Pi-hole on my Debian-based laptop, so that I can block ads no matter which access point I’m using.

Additional notes:

  • As well as wifi, I use an OpenVPN-based VPN connection
  • As part of my job, I run local web server packages on my laptop (Apache, Nginx, but not lighttpd)

Is this a supported use case? I want as “clean” a PH installation as possible, without reconfiguring my existing web servers. Can PH’s lighttpd configuration be easily tweaked? Could I install PH on a virtual machine and (somehow) use that?

(Another option would be buying a separate piece of hardware as a mobile Pi-hole router, connecting the router to the arbitrary access points and connecting my laptop to that router. Let’s assume that’s out-of-scope and out-of-budget for now.)

As a side note, given that PH is not yet packaged, how do I keep my installation up-to-date?


My personal opinion is that using Docker is the cleanest solution to run pi hole on any system that is not dedicated to running pi hole.

in this case it would be as simple as running the dinc/pi-hole image on an additional loopback interface (so create with route add -host dev lo and use that as the pi-hole host).