Install on Pi Zero W with Devuan Beowulf

Hi All,

If you dont know what devuan is, please dont waste your or possibly my time through questions later, just go somewhere else.

Just so you know I am actually covering two topics here, install Devuan Beowulf on Pi Zero W, why because I have some additional customizations to do. Here is the brief step by step

  1. download devuan ascii armel image
  2. write to an sd card and boot pi zero w
  3. install WiFi drivers by copying files from RPi-Distro github, both brcmfmac43430-sdio.bin and its .txt to /lib/firmware/brcm/ folder
  4. connect to internet wifi using direct or wpa_supplicant
  5. update devuan ascii, then modify sources.list to beowulf, then update and dist-upgrade
  6. install pihole 5.1 using curl, it will fail at OS check, just do as it says to skip OS check and rerun curl
  7. again install fails at FTL not found, and service wont start
  8. pihole web admin page is available but it shows pihole-FTL service not running. this is atleast to where your install should have reached.
  9. Compile FTL from source exactly as described at
  10. and Done !!!

this took me tens of hours to get through searching through google results and finally trying this last option to compile. It works very nicely and I still need to expand the original 2GB partition created during writing image to SD card.