Install on CoreElec


Hi All,

Great job with 4.0. My questions since Pi-hole is a DNS solution, and doesn’t include QoS and captive portals etc.

Can I install all below on CoreElec ( fork of LibreElec but with opkg Entware package manager) without conflicts?

Target hardware is Amlogic S905 aarch64 box.

  1. Pi-hole 4.0
  2. OpenWrt QoS like cake-sqm
  3. OpenWrt captive portal for authentication/authorization with external page, like nodogsplash.

Any install notes or other insights are welcome.
Please note that #1 ought to be a direct install, not the heavy Debian Docker Pi-hole install as for LibreElec from

What I am attempting to do is use the S905 Amlogic box as a small home router in addition as a media streamer, so I can connect a couple of PCs/laptops/phones to it via a WiFi AP on S905 box independent of other routers/ISP gateways. The internet access to this subnet including the S905 box is via the RJ45 Ethernet port on the S905 box.

This way I should have a small local subnet managed via S905 packages where I could change and analyze DNS and other settings.

FTLDNS and Unbound Combined For Your Own All-Around DNS Solution

That platform is not supported.


Can you explain a bit?
If OpenWrt can be installed with opkg why not Pi-hole in a similar way?

Read above and couldn’t find anything negative.

What are the problems? I know that Pi-hole Debian Docker can be installed on LibreElec/CoreElec on a.S905 Amlogic Box.


OpenWRT is not a supported platform. The installer does not know how to handle that platform, and we have not tested it on that platform.