Install on AlmaLinux 8

I know that CentOS is in the supported operating system and that AlmaLinux is based on CentOS. But, I thought it important to note the following for anyone interested in installing Pi-Hole on AlmaLinux 8.4.

  1. Install the EPEL repository first before installing Pi-Hole.
    dnf install epel-release && dnf update -y
  2. Set selinux to permissive
    vim /etc/selinux/config
  3. Install Pi-Hole
    curl -sSL | PIHOLE_SKIP_OS_CHECK=true sudo -E bash
  4. Disable firewalld or enable firewalld rules
  5. Reboot

How often are supported operating systems updated on the Pi-Hole website? It may be worth it to list AlmaLinux with the prerequisite of installing EPEL.

With AlmaLinux becoming more popular, this is definitely something we can look into updating.

Thanks for posting this for other users in the meantime. :slightly_smiling_face:

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