Initial installer works but follow on installer does not

Expected Behaviour:

Actual Behaviour:

from the terminal I do a sudo -i

I did both the apt-get upgrade and the apt-get dist-upgrade

I run the curl command and I get the installer that asks me all of the pihole questions. I answer all of them and it exits.

On the terminal I see:
[i] Using Google DNS servers
[i] Static IP already configured
[i] IPv4 address:
[i] IPv6 address:
[i] Web Interface On
[i] Web Server On
[i] Logging On.
[✓] Check for existing repository in /etc/.pihole
[✓] Update repo in /etc/.pihole

[✓] Check for existing repository in /var/www/html/admin
[✓] Update repo in /var/www/html/admin

[i] Main Dependency checks…
[✓] Checking for cron
[✓] Checking for curl
[i] Checking for dnsutils (will be installed)
[✓] Checking for iputils-ping
[i] Checking for lsof (will be installed)
[i] Checking for netcat (will be installed)
[✓] Checking for psmisc
[✓] Checking for sudo
[✓] Checking for unzip
[✓] Checking for wget
[i] Checking for idn2 (will be installed)
[i] Checking for sqlite3 (will be installed)
[i] Checking for libcap2-bin (will be installed)
[i] Checking for dns-root-data (will be installed)
[i] Checking for resolvconf (will be installed)
[✓] Checking for libcap2
[i] Checking for lighttpd (will be installed)
[i] Checking for php5-common (will be installed)
[i] Checking for php5-cgi (will be installed)
[i] Checking for php5-sqlite (will be installed)

A second installer screens shows up and exits and I’m back to the terminal prompt.

The only file in /etc/pihole is adlists.lists

there is no .pihole file

Debug Token:

pihole command is not found

OS Version is wheezy/sid

There is 1/2 of a 16Gb card in the pi.

Thanks for any extra help

This is not a supported OS.

Thanks, I should have looked at that first.

I’m loath to change out the main Pi since it has other things on it. I ended up hand installing the install script wasn’t happy about (idn2, etc from above) and hacking the build script to ignore the two things that wheezy does not have. It works well, next paycheck I’ll send a donation in. The first day of use it’s blocked an amazing amount of traffic.

By the way, kudos to the install script programmers, that is some very nice code, I wish all install scripts were as clean as it is.

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