Include groups when querying lists on admin/queryads.php

When you go to "Tools -> Query Lists" and query a domain, the results come back indicating which list(s) include the domain. It would be very nice if it included which group(s) the lists are in.


Exact match found in exact whitelist
Exact match for found in:

This would be useful because it makes it easy to know what action to take when whitelisting.
E.g., if a user complains that they cannot access, I can search the query lists for

If it turns out that the blocklist is part of "Experimental", then a good solution is probably to remove the impacted client(s) from that experimental group.

If the blocklist is part of "VeryVeryBadSites", then I can talk the user out of this.

If the blocklist in part of "ThingsWeUsuallyBlockForGoodReason", then I add a whitelist for this client.

I can still get the information today by copy/pasting the results one by one into the browser's search box on the blocklist page... but it is inconvenient and less user friendly.