Implement DNS-over-TLS capability in Pi-hole

IP over https doesn’t do anything to hide where you are going, which is what DNS is. It tells you where to go. TLS just protects the payload from that IP. Your ISP knows that you went to Amazon, but they don’t know what you bought.

I understand the point you are making, but think that might be a little bit of an oversimplification. If you need true anonymity, only a VPN will help, and that is still only if you are careful. However, in the modern web where everything is behind a CDN, its not true that your ISP has a one-to-one map of your web history. SNI is a major data leak, but once ESNI becomes a normal thing then a lot of browser traffic will simply look like connections to these major CDN providers. Between Cloudflare, Imperva, CloudFront, Google Cloud CDN, and Azure CDN - a huge percentage of websites and services will be indiscernible between each other. And as far as ESNI becoming a thing - since so many services are behind these CDNs, its simply a matter of the CDNs enabling support for it (and broswers) - and not each individual website/service. Anyways, I understand the point you are making about the endpoint IP always being known to the ISP (unless you are on a VPN - in which its the VPN that always knows) - but just knowing the endpoint IP Address is not really enough anymore for a large portion of the internet. At least any server thats concerned about DDOS attacks and isn't large enough to mitigate them using their own resources.

Just bumping this since I miss the DOT option in pihole. Now I am proxying trough nginx which means I cannot see the ip address that I am receiving. (NGINX with DNS over TLS = only localhost - #17 by nivong)


This is something I need to face since having one of those Android devices with hard coded Google DNS (when the local DNS server - pi-hole - does not provide DNS-over-TLS than always is used).


While I try other options to fix this (and use pi-hole and resolve local names in my network) on that device one option would be to have Pi-Hole supporting DNS-over-TLS.

For sure not many users affected, but those who care and rely on Pi-Hole... won‘t be happy seeing there‘s no real progress on this unfortunately. To be honest the root source for my problem is an external decision of a device or OS manufacturer so I don‘t blame Pi-hole in any way - would have just been nice to see it‘s implemented and „just“ needs to be enabled. If it would be that easy.

My recommendation is to support "DNS X-Proxied-For" -> quick win: DoH, DOT, DNSCrypt, Loadbalancing, dns rulesets with dnsdist.

The effort for "DNS X-Proxied-For" should be much less than implementing all crypto topics yourself, dnsdist is also already tested.

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