Images on being blocked


The images on are blocked by pi-hole. See uploaded image.


Use this guide to whitelist them:


I followed the instructions in article titled “How do I determine what domain an ad is coming from?”. I have previously tried the steps outlined in this article. By using the Inspect tool in Google Chrome, the HTML appears as below.

<a class="figure__image" data-video-guid="" href="">
                    <img class="lazyautosizes lazyloaded" data-sizes="auto" alt="Avi Gilburt: I expect a ‘healthy’ decline in stocks to begin soon" data-srcset=" 220w, 300w, 460w, 800w, 1240w" sizes="620px" srcset=" 220w, 300w, 460w, 800w, 1240w">

When I checked the Query Log, the only domain being blocked is for home page. But whitelisting did not make a difference for the blocked images on the site.


That HTMl snippet shows that the images are coming from


Issue resolved by whitelisting Thank you.


Added to wiki :slight_smile: