Idle Temperature increase

The issue I am facing:
After some updates (Debian+Pihole) I noticed temperature increased significantly on my Rpi Zero W.

Idle temp used to be around 44.5 C
when updates where running went up to 47-48C

Now after updating I see idle temp around 48.3C and when doing updates it went to 53.5C
The good thing is Web Admin is much faster now :slight_smile:
IDLE Memory usage: 17.2 %

Ambient temperature is around 25-26C but summer is just starting so I wonder if I am pushing it when going to 53.5 before any heatwaves.

Details about my system:
Raspberry Pi Zero W 512MB ,
Raspberry Pi OS Lite 32bit - Debian 11,
Unbound as Upstream DNS,
Conditional Forwarding DISABLED

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
I had to upgrade my system from Debian 9 to Debian 11 Bullseye
because of "Unsupported OS error"

I did a clean install of Raspberry Pi OS Lite 32bit - Debian 11
and copied /etc/pihole and /var/log/pihole from old SD card

I installed PIhole and using Unbound as Upstream DNS, Conditional Forwarding is Disabled, Adlists and all setttings are the same as on the older SD card(Debian9).
The Web Admin interface is significantly faster and more responsive, it's just the Temperature I am concerned about.

curl -sSL | bash

My curerent Pihole version

  • Pi-hole [v5.11.4]
  • FTL [v5.16.1
  • Web Interface [v5.13]

I think your fears are unfounded. The Pi will protect itself, and throttle at 80C.


Good to know, I had no idea it can go to 80C.

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