I want to block all dns queries

The issue I am facing:
pi-hole is not blocking ads on myTV+ android app.

Details about my system:
I have an android device that myTV+ app installed on,
after updating myTV+ app, new and lot of ads are now showing on the main screen,

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
I've tried to add an adlist to block all the DNS queries from my device (myTV+) and whitelist the required ones one by one to finally block only the ips/domains that helping the device showing the ads with no luck.

Any suggestions on how to approch my goal are welcome.

If your TV+ app is using your Android device for DNS, and your Android device is using your Pi-hole, then you will see those lookups in your Query Log. Are you seeing them?

Some Android devices add Google as an extra DNS server to use without you knowing. That means that queries can bypass your Pi-hole. And some apps may just use a hardcoded DNS server and bypass the Android entirely. In both those cases you will expect to see entries in your Query Log from your Android device, for the TV+ app domains, but there won't be any.

The link jfb posted gives more info on this kind of analysis.