I have no idea what's going on

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Expected Behaviour:

Everything working, on every device

Actual Behaviour:

Everything is working except my Netflix client on my Samsung smart TV. Every since blocking Google fns/routing it to my pihole, Netflix doesn’t work on my TV. Case in point, I can play Netflix fine on my shield and on my Android phone, I can even cast Netflix from my Android phone to the shield and it works. However the Netflix TV app refuses to work, being directly or through casting from the app. Another weird thing is, Netflix apps on my TV resolved all Netflix servers, says client is connected, even does the speed test and shows result.

Debug Token:


This seems to be the most likely cause of your problem.

These tools may help you determine why your desired content is blocked, assuming the DNS traffic from the affected device is going through Pi-Hole.

Yeah already did that but I couldn’t pint point it exactly, as I see everyquery getting either forwarded to for a reply or forwarded to my smart dns up and replied to. Nothing out of the ordinary :frowning:

Looks like Netflix is using doh now on Samsung smart TV according to a user on Reddit

I’m not following you here. Your upstream DNS server in your Pi-Hole is a local instance of unbound. All your queries should be either blocked, answered from cache, or forwarded to What is the “smart dns”?

Smartdns is a dns that’s being used when using either Netflix and bbc, itv, channel4 domains, I added a file under the dnsmasq conf to use the smart dns up for certain domains, mainly the previously mentioned ones.

That explains it. Thanks.

I came along way from a spare pi to this config in just 5 days and this is thanks to you @jfb and some other redditors. So it looks like my Netflix app on the tv is using doh and I’ll have to skip using it and use the shield tv instead even though the colors are washed out when HDR content is playing but that’s another topic :wink:

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