I concatenated every BlockList I could find

I never had any luck with YouTube blocks. They either don’t work or break YouTube.

@DJ-BrianC You are welcome to give this one a go.

It is impossible to block all ads on youtube by pihole because pihole is only DNS related, some ads are on the same servers.
I use “uBlock Origin” in aditional to the pihole, never see any ad on youtube.

Nothing is impossible but Google is doing a damm good job.

It is like you have two cans and on the one stands coffee and on the other thee. This does not guarantee that there will be coffee in the can marked coffee and the same for the thee.
You have to open the can and smell and look to know the coffee you make, does not taste like thee.

UBlock Origin is running in the browser and so knows what the url is delivering and acts on it.

yeah, the guys behind google/youtube are very smart !
But in this case, i don’t want the thee and the coffee, i want the content where i look for, i don’t care about the can :grinning:

There is a dedicated topic on this: https://discourse.pi-hole.net/t/how-do-i-block-ads-on-youtube/253/204

I know, i spend many hours in that topic, but i am still a kind of a noob :smile:

Just some stats from a blocklist


Very expermential youtube list


Hey :slight_smile: I Like your Blocklists, but can’t whitelist


and many more don’t work, connection refused.

Nice work!
Just add the list to my installation but it’s completely crippling my installation;
Active Temp: 36.9 °C
Load: 1.16 1.02 0.94
Memory usage: 68.4 %

Memory was <40% and load on average <0.3

Is this normal for an RaspberryPi 2B model?

Is this CPU use after gravity updated after you added the blocklists, or while gravity was updating?

What is the output of this command after you have the new blocklists in gravity?

echo ">stats" | nc localhost 4711

This was while updating gravity but also after some time.
This morning the only host “active” is my VPN connection from work to home with default gateway over PiHole and see the result;

just check “htop” and looks like FTL is eating a lot of mem & cpu time;

popup window with audio "you computer is blocked

Current blocklist 11:56 pm 26/11/18
Took longer than usual had to go and get my pihole.


Regex & Wildcard blocking

  • (^|.)2mdn.net$


is this still maintained?

I was just wondering the same thing. I’d rather not choke up my hole with large unmaintained lists.

Thanks, you helped me to decide not to add this/these list/s.

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Not at the moment I have cash flow problems.
I’m in the process of setting up a automatic updated lists but I can’t afford the power to run it

From site.
|Supply charge |101.5493 cents per day|

|Supply charge: additional homes^ |40.3762 cents per day|
|Electricity charge |28.3272 cents per unit|
If some sort of donation thing is setup, then I can continue and improve my service.

Yes they are rather large.
Not sure on a Raspberry Pi 2B as I don’t own one to test.
I run it on a Raspberry Pi 3 B and it takes the memory out to ~88% displayed in red.
Sometimes it takes 5 mins to whitelist a site.
Perhaps you could raise a post with an issue on this forum.

I tried on an Odroid and the lack of verbosity for a long time concerned me, so I just went elsewhere. Don’t think I’ll be trying again, so I won’t be raising an issue on the forum, apologies.

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