Hybrid LTE/ADSL aggregation - Idea/link ?


Dear all !

First what a fantastic tools ! My rural ADSL (2 Mbit/s) is now usable without all the Ads, and by the whole Family.

With the Launch of the Freebox V7 in France, the SpeedPort of DeutchTelecom;, I’m asking if this kind of approach : Hybrid access aggregation of LTE and Fixe internet (ADSL or Fiber), can be do-able on Pi-hole…

If you have idea or link to help me to achieve that and eventually be able to add this kind of functionality to pi-hole, I will appreciate.

To be usable, the general idea is :

  • Add 1 (or several) USB - Wifi dongle on the Rapsberry (or use the bult-in wifi if available)
  • these usb-wifi dongle will connect to Acces Point created on Family smartphones
  • without needed of a server side on the internet MPTCP is interesting but need a server and will be coplex to configure for users, and have a cost)
  • the Pi-hole should act MORE as the first gateway for devices (not only dns server) on the network, and do a pass trought to one of the available WAN gateway (the main one by default: fixe-ADSL), or load balance to the wifi
  • Even if not a TRUE aggregation, a load balancing like bonding should be simplest (https://wiki.linuxfoundation.org/networking/bonding or like https://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/cat-4910_TL-R470T+.html )
  • Every member in the Family as quota of bandwith in its smartphone contract, can imagine that each member allow a percentage to the “Hybrid Home network”, configurable in pi-hole, a compagnon app on the smartphone (toallow or not pi-hole to use some bandwith/activate access point at home if battery ok, bandwith availble etc …) … sky is the limit :wink:

But start small … if you have idea, links, heard of a similar project, let me know !



Pi-hole only handles DNS (and optionally DHCP) requests, so network traffic does not go through it.