Https:// timed out

Expected Behaviour:

Just as the http equivalent, I should see this blocked

Actual Behaviour:

Timed out

Debug Token:


I noticed massive slowness in some web pages and even though I can see the web page it actually takes so long for the page to be fully loaded.

Reading this article and this article, I have enabled ULA and updated iptables but it doesn't seem to help.

I have done testings using which shows blocked instaneously over HTTP. However I got timed out over HTTPS. Is it expected? Or something wrong with my setup? Please help. Thank you.

I don't see anything related. If you're unable to find the firewall rule or whatever is causing blocked HTTPS to be slow, you could test out NXDOMAIN blocking in the FTLDNS beta.

Here are the guides you should follow.

And as @Mcat12 mentioned, FTLDNS with NXDOMAIN blocking will not need the firewall rules.

Thanks @jacob.salmela. I switched to FTLDNS and don't have these issues any more.

Cant find any where to set that in FTLDNS



in your /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.conf and restart pihole-FTL.

We'll publish the official documentation for FTLDNS shortly. Although it is not yet complete, details concerning the NXDOMAIN blocking are already included.


Note that /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.conf may not exist yet and you need to create it. I did.

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I have the same issue. HTTPS times out. I think I'm using FTLDNS (not beta). Anything else I can try?

_FTL_DNS is only in beta now. Did you restart after making the change to the config file?

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