How to sync settings for two Pi-Holes on network?


I’d like to add a second pi-hole in my network, to allow load balancing or, at least, a failover if the mainn pihole should go down.

Is there a documented / raccomended way to share or keep synced settings beetween two pi-holes?
I kow that external lists will be updated automatically, no problem.

But How to allow sync of black and white list? and of audited of course?


Depending on your router and clients, you might find that the loads won’t be balanced. Since a normal Pi-Hole setup can easily handle a home network, this shouldn’t be a problem, but you may not get the balance feature with two Pi-Holes in parallel.

Example - I use an Apple router for DHCP, two Pi-Holes in parallel. Pi-1 is listed first in DNS, Pi-2 is listed second. Pi-1 routinely gets 99% of the traffic, and only a few IOT devices leak over to Pi-2. When I fiddle with Pi-1 for updates or the like, traffic moves seamlessly to Pi-1 and then back again.

For syncing white and black lists (I don’t use the audit feature), I run teleporter every few weeks. Since Pi-1 gets almost all the traffic, it has bigger white and black lists, so I export from Pi-1 and import at Pi-2.

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What model Raspberry Pi should I use for Pi-hole?

Thanks for your reply.

I will create something like a balancing because dns were pushed in a round robin order by openvpn when client connects. But this is not important at all.

I actually planned to rsync in pull mode from a master pihole to every single secondary dns.only white and black lists.

I just opened another trhead for a new question about this.

In this way, I’m near enough to a load balancing.

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