How to install ONLY FLTDNS?


Hi all,

Came across pi-hole recently and it’s a fantastic project.

Is it possible to install just FTLDNS and none of the ad-blocking features. I want a DNS and DHCP server only and FTLDNS is amazing. I want the DNS/DHCP API features so that I can query stats.



You cannot install FTLDNS as a stand-alone, but you can configure Pi-hole with zero blocklists and no black lists or regex. This will result in zero domains being blocked, but you will log all DNS queries.


Thanks! I’ll give that a try :slight_smile:


install dnsmasq (if it isn’t already installed). Until v4 of pihole, a pihole was running dnsmasq and just parsed the logs. Since than, dnsmasq 2.80 has been released, it’s the same as pihole-FTL without the regex and database functions. pihole-FTL is a fork of dnsmasq.


I am also interested in the stats collection without needing to read log file and also the API. I took a look at dnsmasq v2.80 but couldn’t find any mention of getting stats without reading log file.

FTLDNS is really cool in this regards and hence my excitement.

Does the new dnsmasq version have a feature to get stats without reading/tailing log file?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Not that I am aware of. This is the configuration manual for dnsmasq.

Pi-Hole offers storage of long term data in a separate SQL database (/etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.db), in addition to the shorter term log kept at /var/log/pihole.log (in Pi-Hole, this is rotated nightly at midnight and 6 days logs are kept).


Thanks for the link. I went through the manual and I didn’t find anything that’s quite like FTL storage.

I will be installing FTLDNS tonight and I will use your suggestion to configure zero blocklists and no black lists.

Thanks again.