How to debug a website that doesn't work properly


I am trying to log into and with pi-hole enabled.

Is there a wiki that tells me how to debug and white list any sites that will allow me to login and do what I have to do. I have whitelisted & but to no avail.

Any thoughts appreciated.


I'll point you to these two FAQs, which should help determine what domain(s) you may need to whitelist.

Also, you may want to help contribute your findings to our community-editable list of commonly whitelisted domains.

I don't have a Lowe's account, but let us know if you still can't log in after whitelisting the domains you find.

I'm experiencing the same issues with, I notice when I click on "Check other stores" to search for inventory nothing happens but when I disable pi-hole everything works. I can't seem to find anything relevant in the logs either.

Did you ever resolve this?

Also having the same problem. I can't change stores, and can't figure out how to unblock it.

The solution is to whitelist -- that's the only way to allow you to change stores.

There is more than I tried to whitelist that URL with the pihole -w command, but it returns a message that it does not need to be whitelisted because it is not blacklisted.

When I click "Check other stores" nothing happens. There are no entries listed in the query log on pihole. But if I change my DNS and not use pihole, I am able to check other stores.

Does anyone have this working with pihole ?

Better late than never. For posterity's sake:

Whitelisting did it for me.

Here they got official adobe explaination