How to admin DNS server core?


I’ve Pi-Hole inside my openvpn.

Now I’d like to go deeper into DNS admin. But I cannot see any web gui for dns zones, caching, etc…

How to customize DNS server core?


I’m not sure I’m following your question.

Pi-Hole goes to the DNS resolvers/servers that you choose, and filters the results to the client, removing the block list or black list items. It does have a caching feature to store recent requests and not have to query a DNS resolver/server as frequently. In short, it’s an ad-blocking filter, not a DNS resolver. It depends on external software or servers to provide the unfiltered DNS addresses.

Some people run unbound as a local recursive resolver for Pi-Hole. This is a full-featured DNS recursive, caching, resolver that would replace third party servers like Google or the like. If that’s what you are looking to do, there is a guide here: