How do I use Pi-hole's built in DHCP server (and why would I want to)?

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Is it possible to enable static DHCP entries where I can pick different default gateway per MAC address?
I need a few devices to be routed through VPN appliance (another Raspberry Pi) which is not my regular firewall.


We still use dnsmasq as the base program, so anything that you can set up via dnsmasq configurations would work. That would be something that could be done, just create two DHCP pools and assign the MAC to either pool, it would be manually done through the configuration files, but there are a number of guides out there that explain the DHCP pools with dnsmasq as it's a really powerful program.

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I'm thinking of changing the config files manually for now but it would be really good to have this option in the management interface.

You can open a Feature Request in that category and we'll have it vote-able by the community.

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Thanks Dan. Will do.

Can I still just add my own dnsmasq config options in now that you've forked it for FTLDNS? I've had dnsmasq be my dns and dhcp server for ages and I'd like to keep my dhcp rules and subnets etc.

Where do I drop in dnsmasq config options? Do they still live in /etc/dnsmasq.d/?


And _FTL_DNS is just our fork of dnsmasq so any custom configs that work with dnsmasq will work with Pi-hole.

I red the topic very carefully, and I don't understand how can I do the following:
One of my pc in the network contain the pi-hole installation, and I want to relay all the network from my router to this pc, in order to use pi-hole for all my home network, instead of adding middle machine, like PI between the router and the modem to do pretty much the same.

  • Consider that I don't have the option to set VPN/DNS servers on my home router, I only have the option to set relay server.
    Can you please explain my what should I do?


Not quite sure what you mean by this.

You coud disable the router's DHCP server (that is a default, standard option available in all routers) and enable the DHCP server in the admin interface (of Pi-hole). That will ensure that all clients connecting to the network, LAN or WiFi will all get the Pi-hole IP as the DNS server.

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This guide missed something.
If your router have options about:

Enable Route Advertisement
Enable DHCPv6 Server

In the IP V6 section, disable them all and then tick Enable IPv6 support (SLAAC + RA) on Pi-hole web admin.

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Do you mean disabling the first 2 settings in the screenshot?[Router Advertisement-Service & DHCPv6-Service] Then enable Enable IPv6 support (SLAAC + RA) ?

Yes, disabled IP v6 on router if it is enabled.

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Hi there, may be a stupid question, but if I activate Pihole DHCP server AND disable Router DHCP (because I am not allowed to change DNS on ISP router), then my Pihole server cannot restart (or at least is not accessible from network).
I guess I need first to assign static IP address to Pihole machine ? IS that correct ?
My Pihole runs on raspberry 4 (raspbian) side by side with volumio. What is the simplest way to achieve that ?
Thank you.


Thanks, perfect !