How do I setup my pre-built Pi-hole kit from Pi-supply?



Getting started with your pre-built Network-wide ad blocker from Pi-supply

Pi-hole and Pi-supply have partnered together to bring you a pre-made Pi-hole - a device that allows you to block ads for every device on your network. Begin blocking ads in just a matter of minutes. This guide will walk you through the process of setting it up after you’ve purchased it.

Connect Your Hardware To Your Network

Please see for additional assistance.

  1. Connect an ethernet cable from your Pi into your router
  2. Connect your Keyboard & Mouse into your Pi
  3. Connect an HDMI cable from your Pi into a monitor or TV
  4. Connect a USB power supply from your Pi into the wall outlet
  5. Gather Your Network Requirements

Pi-hole needs a static IP address to function properly. This means the IP address should not change. You can either set a static address or you can use DHCP reservation, the latter being the preferred method.

You’ll need to know a bit about your network to determine what address your Pi-hole will have. If you’re using a DHCP reservation, this information can usually be found in your router’s interface. You can also usually assign a static reservation from the same place.

Log onto your router’s Web interface (this interface will vary depending on your router, so these are just general instructions for finding what you need)

  1. Look for a DHCP settings section
  2. Look for a reservations setting

Example Router DHCP Settings

  1. Select your Pi-hole device from the list

  2. Add the reservation

  3. Write down the IP address that appears next to your device name (you’ll need it in the next steps)

Configure Your Pi-hole For Your Network

The Pi-hole software is pre-installed; you just need to configure it for your network. You just need to login to your Pi, run a few commands, and then you can start blocking ads.

  1. Login to your Pi with the default username/password of adblock / blackhole
  2. Open Terminal
  3. Run the command pihole -r
  4. Choose Reconfigure
  5. Enter your network settings
  6. Run pihole -g after you are done reconfiguring
  7. (optionally) Run pihole -up to check for and install any updates to the software

Configure Your Devices To Use Pi-hole As Their DNS Server

Block Ads Everywhere

You can test if your Pi-hole is working with instructions on this page:



where to find the root password?



this should work



I know this works, but e.g. for reboot I need root privileges and no password I tried worked.



you can try sudo passwd root if it asks for your sudo password use the password asssociated with the login you used


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