How do I revert to a previous version of Pi-hole?

I have followed the instructions to go from 3.3 to 3.2.1 and it works! Got my pi-hole working again!

I did not have to remove the extra line in .conf file. I did not have log-queries=extra


How to do this on synology?

It should be the same...none of the devs have a Synology to test on however.

cd /etc/.pihole gives the error "no such file or directory"
so I believe the installation folder is different on synology... hence it doesn't work

It shouldn't be. Try pihole -r

I am not successful in getting the webGUI operational anymore using commands above. Port 53 is listening but not port 80. I suspect that some git changes happened preventing this from working properly. I get git errors and seems to be related to clone depth set by the git server.

Anyone know how to get v3.2.1 working again? v4 is radioactive for me now.


Edit: turned out it was the bug where lighttpd failed due to a missing external.conf. It blows my mind how programmers let their programs fail so easily instead of 'test if exists or else touch file' and remove a ton of hassles and problems when their programs lack basic defaults. SMH

What version of lighttpd are you using? So far, it seems that the latest version of lighttpd has a bug/regression which causes that crash.

How to install Pi-hole v3.3.1 with Web Interface v3.3 and FTL v3.0 on a new system (fresh install, not reverting)?
I'm using a lot of wildcards. Transforming them into regex (Pi-hole v4.x) will impact performance.

I know I can preserve wildcard blocking in v4.x too, by putting the wildcards into another file (example: /etc/dnsmasq.d/88-wildcards.conf), but then I lose logging.

What leads you to believe this will be the case?

I have 100000+ wildcards. Most of them are from the notracking domain blocklist. Such large number of wildcards transformed into regex could be problematic.

Found this thread on github:

Possible solution for wildcard logging in v4.x?

Yes, these changes are already in the development version of pihole-FTL and will become available in Pi-hole v4.1.

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Your options appear to be (in what I believe would be the best first order):

  1. Keep running your existing address list as you propose, use V4 and don't convert them to regex. Live without logging until 4.1 (blocking still works properly).

  2. Move your Pi-Hole install to the development branch (with the attendant risks of using development code). You'll get the logging you are looking for.

  3. Revert to previous version - older code, not as fast, etc.

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I needed to check if the older version was better in terms of blocking ads with my regular expressions.
It now tells me
[i] FTL: up to date
[i] Warning: You are using FTL from a custom branch (v5.13) and might be missing future releases.

How do I get to remove this and let it go with the normal updates it finds? I get an update available in the admin space (cause there is the v5.14 available)

P.S.: there is something broken on pihole 5.9. I am reverting to 5.8.1 :confused:

Would this still be the correct way to revert to a previous version? I have trouble when I try to do the ftl checkout. It never actually finishes anything.

Also how would I know the correct FTL version to get?

Reverting to a previous version in general is not supported. It can work out, but as all components might depend on each other checking out only a single old component might break your Pi-hole.

If you experience an issue, please open a new thread.

Hi yubiuser,

The reason why I would just like to revert back a month or two is because I just updated to the latest version a week or two ago, and since then I have had all sorts of trouble with my existing network. The only change that has been made is the update, and I am curious if that is the culprit.

This is not a permanent solution but just a temporary one so I can sort out my next steps. I have a few google onhubs that are in the network right now and Google has dropped support for them so I cannot change any settings they have.

Because of this I would like to dowgrade to see if that fixes up the network or whether the onHubs are the ones to blame, and then if I would need to buy new network equipment.

You can revert the DNS part (FTL) by checking out an older tag like mentioned above. However, you can't checkout older tags on core and web yet. (This will be implemented by Allow to checkout tags via `pihole checkout` by yubiuser Ā· Pull Request #5259 Ā· pi-hole/pi-hole Ā· GitHub - however, checking out core tags before the release of this PR will always fails)

I'd say probably the safest way (and likely easiest) to switch between versions would be to deploy Pi-hole via Docker instead