How do I block ADS on YouTube?

Could someone help me how to block this urls in youtube.

This urls will call video ads

I did try with regex below but still not working.

Not possible with Pi-hole

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Thank a lot.
after few try how to get edit /etc/hosts file
I manage to go true that file.
Since that video ads no more appear

How is it today?
Still able to block ads?

Start by using uBlock Origin.
Youtube Vanced, NewPipe on Android
Individuous YouTube proxy from GitHub
Browser extension SponsorBlock

Hi HvdW
Thank for suggestion.
Yes I still manage to block ads from YouTube average 96%. But not using method above. Remain with regex to filter URLs like mention on top + unbound

Hi can you please share regx and list that you use to block YouTube ads thanks or share GitHub links to your hosts thanks

Hi Qadeer_Hussain

Below my regex blacklist for blocking Youtube Ads. For the regex below only Ads coming on first play on Youtube seldom Ads play in between Youtube.

Please at regex below to whitelist if you have problem to play Youtube on computer. :innocent:

Thank you me_zack it’s better know it’s blocking more for me

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