How do I block ads on YouTube?



In my cases (tested on some pi-holes on different locations) the reddit Posting (top level Post) dont work and I think it wont work anymore…
I checked some tcpdumps / dig / nslookup results and I never got such results like this user from reddit (Think youtube changed it).

@planet: Really sure about 90% ? I dont think you can achive 90% with 1~2 yrs outdated lists ?

EDIT: I also checked again nslookup to (only on my IPv4 Address not IPv6) and on my connection I get every ~5 mins (or less) another IP back from nslookup…
I think youtube/google uses a very (high expensive) geo-location/CDN System and without auto scripts / tools we’re lost and lets say google will change something in their domains: all the work on it / auto scripts have to be changed…


I was surprised given the age of them, but I haven’t gotten any ads during a video. Only sometimes before the video starts, once a day or so.

It could be a combination of factors alongside the two lists… I’ve also got all of WaLLy3K’s lists on my Pi-hole, as well as mmotti’s custom Regex filters for Pi-hole. I also have blocked Google DNS on my router so and can’t go through.


For whoever wants to add the permutations from these to their lists, here are a few more that don’t appear to be on any list received today.: