How do I block ads on YouTube?

Is there a ELI5 guide to get all this working? i literally just go into the whole Pi Hole thing and would love to block youtube ads

I made a list for me that works. Still some Videos starts after the second try.


Great job but what is the lifetime of such list?

hey msatter, i dont know if the list works in other countries, i am from germany. if i look youtube i`ll put every advertise on my blacklist and then i copy my list to the file on the web. so i think it will block few things.

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doesnt seem to work for me, i get alot of r6 r10 r5 leaks still

There is a solution, it involves dns resolution and whois checking for specific domain blocks.

e.g. when requesting dns resolution for * then retrieve domain record if domain does not equal alphabet inc. then block else allow

This may take a little extra scripting but it should be a sureshot.

Please elaborate on this because to me the domain is and belonging to Markmonitor. Sub-domains are not used in whois.

Forgive me I have been trying to wrap my head around regex and not sure I understand it at all, but we know the ads are coming from the domain, and the prefix starts with an r. I know the syntax is not correct but wouldnt the regex just be something like r*

Basically a wild card saying if that sucker starts with r toss it out. so something like
r*.* ( for the double prefix)

Pi-hole only works with (sub) domains and smart people at Google serve the advertisements and video’s from the same domain with similar Sub-domains.

The only way is now filtering in the client self.

So I have AdBlock Plus addon on my Browser and it kicks out all Youtube Ads, I tried taking its list and adding it to pihole thinking may work but it didnt, how are they blocking them in the addon?

The browser plugin works like a local proxy (that’s why is isolated to the device and not network wide).
It looks for specific content (not only hostname) in the way the video/url is called.

Pi-hole is only a DNS resolver at it’s roots.

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What do you think about this regex ^r+.\$ ? I see only YT logo for 5 sec (or this is lucky case?)

Try loading a video with the regex in place on your mobile device. Is the video loading or is the video black and not loading?

(Either on the youtube app or a mobile browser).

I’m testing on LG TV with webOS

Almost the 200th posting in this thread and the concluding is that Pi-hole is not the tool to beat Google in this whatever and how clever the regex are constructed.

Google will generate random like URL’s which are kept in their database. You can’t defeat that unless you know are ahead of them. That is not going to happen and then just change a parameter and you can start from the beginning.

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I’ve been using this regex entry from @brattanek for a few days and haven’t got any ads on YouTube yet.
^r+.\$ ?

Weird thing though, when looking at the query log, the addresses don’t appear as pi-holed.

(Tested with Apple TV and an Android phone)

You are matching:


And we are over the 200 posting and time for a party.

yeah ^r+.\$ didnt work, on my vizio I get the PPG ad still. (hands beer to @msatter ;-P)


Does not work for me on Youtube and regex is blocking the video’s and the advertisements.

r4— is an example.

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