Hostnames in IPv6-only environment

I'm not sure what the underlying mechanisms are behind the host name / MAC addresses, but is there any way this be used in a pure IPv6 setting? I use IPv6 ULA in my network and there are lots of temporary IPv6 addresses popping up (FD39........) and no hosts file to give hostnames. Is there any way of defining names in an environment like this or does it depend on running alongside IPv4?
Please excuse me if this is construed a thread hijacking, but this is the only discussion I've found that even begins to describe the possibilities that lie ahead with Pi-Hole...!

It is designed to be able to easier manage group management for devices that either have a hostname or a mac address that can associated with it.

You can always start a new thread, I just isolated your posts into a new one.

Hostnames are always tied to IP addresses. There is nothing in Pi-hole that is IPv4-oriented, we are fully aware of IPv6 and everything works also in IPv6-only networks. Well, not coming to your problem

This is an issue with your devices, I'd say. My solution (at home) for this is to ensure that each device does not only get one(/multiple) ULAs but also link-local (LL) addresses. The latter ones are what I add to my HOSTS file on the DNS server to get what I want. I think this should work?

Sorry if I ask, but how is that supposed to work if the addresses expiring/changing? (multiple ULA's, slaac's, LL's)

How are you doing this - DHCPv6 or some other means? As @Bordi points out so much is dynamic on an IPv6 network - hence my original post in the new/MAC_clients thread was hoping that there was a way to pull together MAC and hostnames in an IPv6 environment.

LL do not change for me, apparently. It may depend on your operating system and configuration of the privacy extension. I would not recommend DHCPv6, it somehow defeats the self-configuring nature of IPv6, however, it may be a suitable way in your case.

Pinging @DanSchaper on this, I don't think so.

Well part of my problem is I am not completely sure of the purpose behind this new branch:

Pi-hole Version vDev (development, v5.0-437-g60afebf) Web Interface Version vDev (new/mac_clients, v5.0-143-g128a88e) FTL Version vDev (new/mac_clients, vDev-43124f7)

I had (perhaps incorrectly and possibly naively) assumed from the only active thread topic I could find that this would enable hostnames to be linked to MAC addresses?

TLDR; There really is none.