Headless Pi-hole automated installer text not showing


Connected via terminal on OSX.

Expected Behaviour:

Written directions during automated install process visible.

Actual Behaviour:

Instructional text and options not showing, “” visible at bottom.

Debug Token:

Pi-hole not installed yet, so no token.

Searched for similar previous threads, but didn’t find any or I’m not searching for the right keyword…


Could you post a screenshot of what you are experiencing ?


Here’s what I’m looking at at the moment:


What OS are you installing this on ?

Try setting locale to en_US.UTF-8 and re-run the setup.


Raspbian stretch lite.
Reset preferences for terminal to default. Trying again.


Working now.

Bonehead errors are the best, because they are easy to fix…

Hope this helps someone at a later time.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Was it the terminal preferences reset that cleared the error or setting the locale?


Ah, sorry. Resetting terminal preferences did the trick.


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