Have you appreciated the 3 people that write the code?

I REALLY wanted this in 'HELP':
Because that is where the majority of posts are...

I see, now, there are moderators but did you know that only 3 people write the code for Pi-hole???

3 people and we get updates regularly!!!

Donate to these people!
$3.00 US would give them >$1.00 (with the processing fee deducted) for something I (we?) took for granted (I thought this was an open source kind of thing).

Again, I thank the team and the moderators...

This should be a sticky...

One dollar, or more, from all of us, would make them more than comfortable.

there are 2,292 supporters between github and patreon. think that's pretty good.
agree that it would be great if more would support the team to bolster this great project.

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Thanks for the kind words and the donation.

For me, this isn't something that is driven by money. It's a labor of love (and sometimes not so much love) that we've all been doing for a number of years now as a team.

While there are 3 core developers, there are many more people that help in their own talented ways. And don't forget the one thing that makes Pi-hole what it is, that is the community of users that help each other and help spread the word. The software itself is nothing without people using it.

We don't advertise Pi-hole, we don't collect information on users, we don't monetize the project, we do this so that you, the users, have something to help with your privacy and your safety. We hope that you learn more about how to protect yourself online, how networks work and how to take back control of your online identities.

The donations help, and they let us do a lot more than we ever thought possible, so again, thank you for donating and thank you for being a part of our community.


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