Graph client over time 4.4 very slow

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Expected behavior:

Normal loading, as in version 4.3.2

Real behavior:

After upgrading to version 4.4, the “Clients (over time)” graph changed and became extremely slow, taking a long time to load the dashboard as well as all navigation within the dashboard where the graph is very slow.

I have two versions of Pi-Hole, running on Debian servers, 2vCPU, 4GB RAM, one of which is as a primary, receiving all DNS queries from Active Directory. This is currently in version 4.3.2, and it is not the problem

The second version, which has a problem, I’m using it as a primary server around a thousand desktops, running on Debian, 4vCPU, 6gb RAM, configuring the extra options of local search. When loading the dashboard, the graph of “Clients (over time)” takes about 28 seconds to be displayed, while it is processing the other WEB resources are slow or do not load.

At the server level, there is no processing consumption or I / O to display the graph.

Also in version 4.4, the graph of over-time clients was different, with much more details, I believe that this may be negatively influencing performance.

Debug token:

I don’t believe the graph was changed.

Solved this issue, by suggestion of this topic: Web interface very slow with lots of clients

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