Giving a presentation on Pi-hole? Contact us first for some goodies and support!


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If you are planning on giving a speech or presentation on Pi-hole, we’d love to get in contact before you do.

We have seen several people talking about Pi-hole and delivering presentations lately and we’d like to help support these efforts, so if you are planning on doing a presentation, contact us beforehand and we can set you up with some free swag for your audience and maybe more!

Get a hold of us on Twitter or via email before you give your presentation to see if we can work something out. Depending on the time frame and venue, we might even be able to be a part of your presentation, podcast, or video.

We can also answer any questions you may have about Pi-hole.

Recent Presentations

Here are a few presentations we have seen in the media lately:

Intro to Internet Security with Pi-Hole and OpenVPN

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Let Me Show You My Pi-hole ;)

DNS Sinkhole “Don’t Request the Badz”