getOverTimeID warning

Expected Behaviour:

Everything seems to be working okay, except if I look in the logs.

Actual Behaviour:

Specifically, the pihole-FTL.log. There is a warning that is happening on average once a second: WARN: getOverTimeID(1557940500): 1855 is too large: 1556827500
This warning fills up the log, nothing else is even visible.

Debug Token:!

Can you post the output of the command timedatectl status or check if Local time in the output is correct?

Here’s the response:

      Local time: Wed 2019-05-15 15:11:28 EDT
  Universal time: Wed 2019-05-15 19:11:28 UTC
        RTC time: n/a
       Time zone: America/New_York (EDT, -0400)
 Network time on: yes
NTP synchronized: yes
 RTC in local TZ: no

Is Local time in the output to correct time?

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