Gaining control on Android without Root


Got finally a new tablet and I used since 2013 a Nexus (2013). Great tablet and with a new battery is kept on working.

Got now a Huawei and I don’t want to root it yet and was not pleased with many apps installed by Huawei which can’t be disabled.

I am using now NetGuard firewall any very easy to block in one go all Huawei calling home stuff and also other apps that are doing that.

It is a great locally running firewall and easy to use. You can use it for free and block and of course like with Pi-hole financial support is wished…it is of course up to you.

A tip for having any Wi-Fi traffic when the tablet is resting. Tap flight mode to disable Wi-Fi and when active tap flight mode off to re-enable Wi-Fi.

Activate flight mode when switching off and when after start-up NetGuard is active again.